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Real HGH Results with ELEGENE HGH GH-Releaser
(Benedenlingua Sostanza) precurser formula 1791-30-04
Not since the discovery of the Human Genome has there been
so much excitement about the human condition and the ability
to reverse the aging process.
By the time the average person reaches 25-30, the hormones that
energized the functions in youth have diminished by as much as
Atomic Distributing and Ageless Health has taken years of research
and development and combined scientifically formulated ingredients
which exceed that of any other HGH formula.  Ageless Health through
license agreements has sole rights to the product. The New England
Journal of Medicine states that the biggest breakthrough in anti-
aging is now available through GH replacement and management
therapy.  ELEGENE HGH and its natural blend of ingredients is very
different from HGH injection.  ELEGENE HGH sublingual spray does
not put massive amounts of Growth Hormones into your system.
ELEGENE HGH helps the pituitary gland to gradually restore the
production and release of increased levels of  natural growth
hormone which enables the individual to benefit from the positive
Only the proven ELEGENE formula can offer these benefits:
Look at these clinical results from a study (Effects of Growth Hormone
administration on 202 patients ages 39-74)
L. Casserry M.D., Ph.D. And Edmund Chein, M.D., Medical College of
Wisconsin and Palm Springs Life Extension Insititute.
Body Fat Loss                    82% enhancement
Wrinkle Reduction            61% enhancement
Energy Level                      84% enhancement
Muscle Strength                88% enhancement
Sexual Potency                  75% enhancement
Memory                              67% enhancement
Emotional Stability            62% enhancement
Metabolism                        68% enhancement

Over (680% increase in mean HGH levels)

  Through discoveries made in the       Human Genome Project         Science is able to recontstruct Youth

With the power of Elegene


Brought to you by:   Atomic Distributing          and    Ageless Health  


"When you see a 50-year-old actress who can pass for 35, you can bet that good genes aren't the only things responsible for her youthful glow"

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Unlock the key to Your Youth Gene

 E L E G E N E   HGH  (Benedenlingua Sostanza)

...also these benefits are noted

SHAPE magazine says:

100% Natural ingredients!

Just a few reported benefits

with E L E G E N E  HGH  (Benedenlingua Sostanza) TM  there are no pills to take, just a pleasant tasting spray under the tongue which immediately enters the body.

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19 years in the making


 E L E G E N E  HGH  (Benedenlingua Sostanza TM

A recent Shape magazine article starts out with a very provocative statement: “When you see a 50-year-old actress who can pass for 35, you can bet that good genes aren’t the only things responsible for her youthful glow.” Allure magazine, in its "Anti-Aging Special" issue, highlighted growth hormone as its year-end call-out.  It's no secret that the rich and famous have been visiting some of the most expensive life extension clinics in the world for benefits of human growth hormone (HGH) therapy.

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*Consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.

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How soon can I expect to see results?  Many report positive effects as soon as 7 days. Typical results start within 14 days.

Benefits with ELEGENE regular use:

•Increased muscle strength and size
•Loss in body fat
•Increased metabolism
•Increased oxygen uptake
•Increased bone density
•Lower blood pressure
•Quicker wound healing
•Reduced cellulite
•Improved vision
•Wrinkle disappearance
•Increased skin thickness and texture
•New hair growth and color restored
•Increased energy levels and exercise endurance
•Increased Stamina and Muscle Tone
•Improved sleep and emotional stability
•Improved memory and mental alertness
•Increased sexual potency and increased frequency
•Resistance to common illness
•Strengthened heart muscle
•Controlled cholesterol
•Controlled mood swings

The truth about human growth hormone (HGH)
What is it? Where does it come from?
Can you boost it naturally?
And is it really the fountain of youth?

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  (Benedenlingua Sostanza)  

Decreased recovery time

 Turn back on the Youth Gene

    Perfect for both Men and Women ELEGENE is the most effective formula

with   E L E G E N E tm